Game Boy Collection

This page is to track all the game boys that I own and need to get.  Currently, I own 27 of the 36 (excluding Game Boy Lights, which I will buy much later) game boys I have confirmed to be released in North America.

Here are some pictures of the game boys I currently own, as well as the numbers I've assigned to them for collecting and cataloging purposes.  The full list will follow these pics:
01 Original Game Boy Grey

02 Original Game Boy Black

03 Original Game Boy Clear

04 Original Game Boy Green

05 Original Game Boy Red

07 Game Boy Pocket Black

09 Game Boy Pocket Clear

10 Game Boy Pocket Extreme Green

11 Game Boy Pocket Green

12 Game Boy Pocket Ice Blue

13 Game Boy Pocket Red

14 Game Boy Pocket Silver 1

15 Game Boy Pocket Silver 2

16 Game Boy Pocket Yellow

17 Game Boy Color Atomic Purple

20 Game Boy Color Grape

21 Game Boy Color Kiwi

22 Game Boy Color Pink

23 Game Boy Color Pokemon 1

24 Game Boy Color Pokemon 2

25 Game Boy Color Teal

26 Game Boy Color Tommy Hilfiger

27 Game Boy Advance Arctic

29 Game Boy Advance Fuchsia

30 Game Boy Advance Glacier

32 Game Boy Advance Indigo

33 Game Boy Advance Midnight Blue

Game Boy:
Have (5/6):


Game Boy Pocket:
Have (9/10):
*Ice Blue
*Silver w/Black Screen Surround (Silver 1) (needs replacement)
*Silver w/Silver Screen Surround (Silver 2)
*Extreme Green


Game Boy Color:
Have (6/10):
*Atomic Purple
*Pokemon (Blue/Yellow) (needs new battery cover/replacement)
*Tommy Hilfiger

*Pokemon (Gold/Silver)

Game Boy Advance:
Have (6/10):
*Arctic (needs replacing)
*Indigo (needs replacing)
*Midnight Blue (Toys R Us)
*Red (Target)

*Grape (Target)
*Pokemon Gold Edition

Game Boy Light:
Have (0/2):