Consoles I Own and Want

Here's a list of all the gaming consoles I own.  This is always growing and a want list can be found at the bottom of this page:

*NES-101 (top loading model)
*SNES-001 (standard Super Nintendo)
*Nintendo 64 (charcoal/slate/black)
*Nintendo Game Cube (Black)
*Sony PS2 (x2, 1 hard-modded with HDD, 1 stock, both larger models)
*Sony PS3 (Slim 120GB version)
*Microsoft Xbox (standard black with lime green accents)
*Atari 2600 (Sears Video Arcade Tele-Games model, 6 switch)
*Sega Genesis Model I
*Sega Genesis Model II
*32x (missing pass-through cable, untested)
*Sega CD Model 2
*Sega Saturn (Model 2)
*Sega Dreamcast (x2, one working, one won't read games but will read music CDs)

*5 Game Boys (4 different colors)
*6 Game Boy Pockets (5 different colors)
*4 Game Boy Colors (4 different colors)
*2 Game Boy Advances (2 different colors)
*1 Game Boy Advance SP (Metallic/Slate grey)
*Nintendo DS Lite (Black)
*Sega Game Gear (standard black model)
*Sega Nomad
*Atari Lynx Model 2
*Sony PSP

Want (red = high priority):
*Sega CD Model 1
*Sega Genesis Model 3
*Sega Saturn Model 1
*Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer (eventually)
*Atari 2600 Vader
*Atari 2600 Junior
*Atari 5200
*Atari 7800
*Sega Master System Model 1
*Sega Master System Model 2 (eventually)
*NES-001 (standard VCR style)
*SNES-101 (mini version)
*Nintendo 64 (Gold)
*Nintendo 64 (Ice Blue)
*Nintendo 64 (Jungle Green)
*Nintendo 64 (Watermelon)
*Nintendo 64 (Grape)
*Nintendo 64 (Fire Orange)
*Nintendo 64 (Smoke)
*Nintendo 64 (Pikachu edition)
*Nintendo Game Cube (Silver)
*Nintendo Game Cube (Indigo)
*Coleco Vision
*Intellivision Model 1
*Intellivision Model 2
*Intellivision Model 3
*Magnavox Odyssey
*Magnavox Odyssey 2
*Fairchild Channel F
*Sony Playstation 1
*Sony PSOne
*Atari Jaguar

*Atari Lynx Model 1
*Sega Game Gear (Blue)
*Sega Game Gear (Yellow)
*See here for my Game Boy wish list

My wish list is ever growing, as there are always new and interesting consoles that I come across.